Cedar Rose’s Investigative Due Diligence Framework Probes Beyond Standard Metrics

Cedar Rose’s Investigative Due Diligence Framework Probes Beyond Standard Metrics

COVID-19 brought much of the global economy to a halt which has had a drastic impact on every aspect of business. There have been major shifts in global and local economies and business entities. Traditional models and analytic techniques of Due Diligence too are undergoing a fundamental transformation especially when hard-copy documents are inaccessible, in-person meetings have moved online, and on-site visits are difficult.

Cedar Rose’s sophisticated data analytics combined with an array of global investigative screening services probe beyond standard metrics of Due Diligence.

Antoun Massaad, the Co-Founder and CEO of Cedar Rose, stated, “The risks facing businesses have increased many folds due to the market uncertainties owing to COVID-19. As a result, companies need to be extra vigilant to protect themselves against any kind of fraud and negative reputation. At Cedar Rose we offer a wide range of globally recognised Due Diligence services that allow our clients to remain compliant while avoiding the risk of being associated with criminals, terrorists and organisations they hide behind. In addition, we comply with international laws such as the Anti-Bribery Act and FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) making us a trusted organisation by international brand names, banks, auditors, governments, investors, journalists and peers within the business intelligence industry.”

Cedar Rose’s multilingual research teams, with over 20 years of experience, have a worldwide network of tried, tested and reliable local connections and resources in the field, able to conduct international ‘boots on the ground’ investigations discreetly and compliantly.

Antoun explained, “We conduct extensive investigations on companies and individuals globally to provide a better understanding and evaluation to our clients of third parties such as customers, suppliers, agents, distributors and consultants among others. Before entering into a business relationship, as part of a credit or compliance risk management process, it is critical to have a clear assessment of the various partners involved. Quick compliance checks are sometimes not enough to discover crucial insights. Therefore, in addition to tracking publicly available data, conducting sites visits and interviews with field sources are often necessary to avoid any issues in the future.”

Cedar Rose offers the following Due Diligence products.

  • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) investigation on a company or an individual
  • Compliance checks including

Ø  Global sanction and watch list

Ø  Political associations and connections (PEP / SOE)

Ø  Adverse media

  • Local reputation investigation (source enquiries)
  • Copy of original corporate records
  • Court records search on a company or an individual
  • Directorships and shareholdings held by a company or an individual
  • Published legal announcements and gazettes search
  • Site visit report with digital photographs

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