Finvasia joins Dubai FinTech Summit as a Lead Sponsor

Finvasia joins Dubai FinTech Summit as a Lead Sponsor

§  The collaboration reinforces Dubai FinTech Summit and Finvasia’s shared commitment to strengthen the global financial ecosystem through innovation and knowledge exchange.

  • The partnership sets the stage for the transformative 2nd edition of the Dubai FinTech Summit empowering the FinTech ecosystem with the tools, resources, and networks needed to innovate and grow.


Dubai, 1 May 2024: Finvasia, a global innovator leveraging engineering and technology, has joined the Dubai FinTech Summit (DFS), organised by Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the leading global Financial Centre in the MEASA region, as a Lead Sponsor, underscoring its dedication to support businesses with a cost-effective, ethical and integrated ecosystem of products and services that inter-operate across various industry segments.


Finvasia Group was established in Canada and India in 2009, with a vision to make financial markets easily accessible to the masses around the globe. Since its foundation, Finvasia has served over 5 million clients in more than 190 countries and has transacted trillions of USD worth in value through its 10+ brands combined. Its objective to create ethical, sustainable products that benefit stakeholders, leveraging economies of scale and scope to drive positive change in every industry Finvasia engages with.


Sarvjeet VirkCo-founder & Manging Director Finvasia, said, “Dubai FinTech Summit serves as an international stage for us to display our advanced financial products and contribute to the global FinTech dialogue. At DFS 2024, we’ll spotlight our AI-based financial products and chat about how they make finance more inclusive for everyone. We’ll also dive into the exciting possibilities of using technology to revolutionize finance by leveraging these technologies for cross-border fintech integration, reinforcing the role of AI in shaping a future where financial inclusivity is the norm.

“DFS is a  platform that allows us to foster technological exchanges and partnerships that transcend borders, particularly within the expanding domain of financial technology and highlighting the collaborative relationship between India and Dubai. The Dubai FinTech Summit serves as a crucial opportunity for us to demonstrate the capabilities of Indian FinTech on a global stage, advancing our mission towards creating a universally accessible financial environment led by technology.”

In line with the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33) to position Dubai as the top four global financial hub by 2033, the 2nd edition of the Dubai FinTech Summit is designed to encourage cross-border collaboration and innovation, pivotal to transforming the global FinTech sector. It presents a unique opportunity to explore emerging FinTech trends and their potential to drive financial progress in the MEASA region.


The Dubai FinTech Summit, scheduled for May 6-7, 2024, at Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, will see an unprecedented gathering of over 8,000 decision-makers, over 300 thought leaders and over 200 exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge technologies.


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About Dubai FinTech Summit


Dubai FinTech Summit is an annual mega event organised by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the leading global financial centre in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region. The 2nd edition of the Dubai FinTech Summit will bring together over 8,000+ global industry leaders, 1,500+ investors and policy makers, signalling increased appetite for growth opportunities in the region.

Dubai FinTech Summit signals new wave of financial innovation, opportunity, transformation, and growth for the international financial services sector.  As a rising FinTech hub, Dubai is also spearheading the evolution of the financial services industry, with investments in FinTech projected to grow by 17.2 per cent CAGR to USD949 bn from 2022 to 2030. The summit aligns with the Dubai Economic Agenda D33’s strategic goal of propelling Dubai into the ranks of the top four global financial hubs by 2033.


The expanded programme of Dubai FinTech Summit is set to exceed expectations by delving into key tracks, including the future of FinTech, embedded and Open Finance, climate finance, Web3 and digital assets. The summit stands as a thought leadership-driven platform, addressing industry challenges head-on and championing innovation.


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