1st Three Winners of Fujairah Social andCultural Association & KASHKHA Excellence Award Announced

1st Three Winners of Fujairah Social andCultural Association & KASHKHA Excellence Award Announced

Celebrating women in the United Arab Emirates who make this world a better place to live, Fujairah Social and Cultural Association and KASHKHA, a leading modest fashion brand, have together launched a special awards programme for Emirati women. Ms Ebtesam Ali Salem Alshaaer Alkindi, Ms Maryam Ali Al-Shehhi – Umm Seif and Ms Shaikhah Jumah Rabei Farouz AlMesmari were named as the first three winners of the award.

Mr. Khaled Aldhanhani, Chairman of Fujairah Social and Cultural Association, stated, “Fujairah Social and Cultural Association & KASHKHA Excellence Award is a tribute to exceptional Emirati women who are playing an extraordinary role in the UAE society be it in the field of culture, sports, environment, healthcare, human welfare, public life, art and literature. Every month we wish to honour three such special Emirati women who through their determination push limits of their boundaries to achieve excellence in their respective fields.”

Highlighting the significance of the award, the Kashkha Management, said, “Through this award our goal is to honour women, who through their exceptional work, become pillars of our community but very often go unrecognized. We are truly grateful to Fujairah Social and Cultural Association for extending their support to this initiative. The programme will not only be limited to recognizing women who take up social or charitable causes but rather anyone who has been playing a part in enriching lives around them.”

The selection process of Fujairah Social and Cultural Association & KASHKHA Excellence Award is simple and transparent. The recipient is awarded on the basis of doing something exemplary that qualifies her to be a role model for others. No individual can be recognised two years in a row neither is it open to any Kashkha employees.

About Ebtesam Ali Salem Alshaaer Alkindi

She is a prominent Emirati journalist currently working as Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Fujairah Daily’ newspaper, affiliated to the Fujairah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Professional experience: 14 years in the profession of journalism and electronic media (starting with Al Bayan newspaper and now in a news network affiliated with the Emirate of Fujairah). University Degree: BA in Political Science from the United Arab Emirates University. – A new academic qualification: Diploma of Government Excellence Expert, sponsored by the Council of Ministers, from Sharjah American University (9 months). Certificates: She holds the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) / and has a certificate in the English language. Memberships: (Member of the Board of Directors at Fujairah Theater – Member of the Governmental Communication Team of the Fujairah Government – Member of the State-level Journalists Association – Member of the Sheikh Latifa Childhood Award – Member of the Business Women Council – Member of the Media Committee for Organizing Fujairah Arts Festival).

About Maryam Ali Al-Shehhi – Umm Seif

Maryam Al Shehhi (Umm Saif), born in 1966, in the Emirate of Fujairah, is an employee in the Fujairah Authority For tourism and antiquities since 2008 until now.

She has more than 15 years of experience in the heritage field and community participation. Over the years she worked and participated in presenting heritage workshops, giving lectures and introducing the past in the field of heritage, traditional food, education, and traditional handicrafts and Medicinal herbs.

Areas of Expertise: – • Manufacture of traditional handicrafts such as Al-Sif, Al-Talli and Al-Dukhoun. • Manufacture of popular medicines. • Presenting workshops and lectures in the field of heritage. • Traditional Foods.

About Shaikhah Jumah Rabei Farouz AlMesmari 

Shaikhah Jumah Rabei Farouz AlMesmari, born in 1983 in Fujairah, holds number of diplomas in various fields including human resources. She has been working as a PR for the last decade in Fujairah, Sharjah and Dubai. Previously she has been associated with Fujairah TV as well as Supreme Council for Family Affairs.

Shaikhah Jumah has the distinction of many exceptional collaborations with different local and governmental organisations such as Department of Culture and Theatre. She has also made a significant contribution to community initiativ

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