Ajman Bank Announces Integration with Aani Instant Payment Platform in Collaboration with Al Etihad Payments Company

Ajman Bank Announces Integration with Aani Instant Payment Platform in Collaboration with Al Etihad Payments Company

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Al Etihad Payments (AEP), a subsidiary of the Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE), Ajman Bank has announced its integration with the Aani Instant Payment Platform. This significant development positions Ajman Bank as one of the few Islamic banks in the region to become a part of the Aani platform, underscoring the bank’s commitment to banking innovation and excellence.

The Aani Instant Payment Platform revolutionizes the way transactions are conducted for Ajman Bank customers, offering real-time funds transfers between Ajman Bank and other local financial institutions within the Aani network. Ajman customers will be able to able to use Aani services through AEP’s Aani app, on both iOS and Android platforms. After a couple of months it will also be available via Ajman Bank app and channels. The app simplifies transactions by allowing transfers through mobile phone numbers, email addresses, and Emirates ID, and introduces advanced features such as ‘Send Money,’ ‘Request to Pay,’ ‘Split Bill,’ and ‘QR Code payments.’

On the occasion of the launch, Mustafa Al Khalfawi, CEO of Ajman Bank, said, “As we forge ahead with the Aani Instant Payment Platform, we are not just embracing the future of banking; we are actively creating it. Our collaboration with Al Etihad Payments Company marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards financial innovation. At Ajman Bank, we believe in the power of technology to transform lives, fostering a banking environment that is efficient and secure. Together, we are setting a new benchmark for the financial industry, ensuring our customers’ needs are met with integrity, innovation, and insight. This is more than a step forward – it’s a bold move into a future where banking is seamless, inclusive, and aligned with our vision of empowering our community.”

Jan Pilbauer, CEO of Al Etihad Payments, stated, “At Al Etihad Payments, we are committed to creating an ecosystem that promotes innovation, collaboration, and growth, benefiting the entire financial system in the UAE. Our partnership with Ajman Bank on the Aani platform enhances customer experiences and reinforces the UAE’s leadership as a digital payment hub.

With real-time payments and innovative features, we are confident that Aani, in collaboration with Ajman Bank, will deliver significant benefits to both customers and the wider financial ecosystem.”

Being one of the first Islamic bank in the region to join the Aani platform reflects Ajman Bank’s dedication to innovation and to providing customers with Shariah-compliant banking solutions. This initiative aligns with the Central Bank of UAE’s National Payment System Strategy (NPSS), aiming to modernize the nation’s payment systems, and transform the UAE’s trade and payment landscape.


About Ajman Bank

Ajman Bank is an Islamic bank with an ambitious vision based on values of integrity, trust and transparency seeks to provide a wide range of Sharia-compliant and high-quality banking services to customers from individuals, companies and government institutions across the UAE. It is also keen to be updated with the latest technology that will ensure customers a distinctive experimental banking with the revival of human touch that is lost in the modern era of banking application.

Ajman Bank is headquartered in Ajman and enjoys the strong support of the Government of Ajman and is a key pillar in the emirate’s economic development strategy. The bank continues its tireless efforts to establish a prominent position in the banking sector as a sustainable Islamic banking institution, with an emphasis on the need to achieve an optimal balance in the community and caring staff, in order to provide real value for shareholders and customers alike. For more information visit http://www.ajmanbank.ae

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