Why influencer marketing is the best option for your business?

Why influencer marketing is the best option for your business?

In a world hit hard by COVID-19, Influencer Marketing has emerged as the most powerful way to promote your brands and businesses through voices that customers trust. Several studies have proven that Influencer Marketing is the fastest growing and most cost-effective channel of communication. 80% of marketers find influencer marketing to be more effective than any other form of marketing. The average earned media value (EMV) for every dollar spent on influencer marketing is $5.78 while some businesses have registered a much higher EMV of $18 for every dollar spend.

However, the challenges brands face in recruiting the right influencers – whether Nano, Micro or Macro and the perils of managing them are well-known. It is getting harder and harder to scale influencer marketing. The engagement Nano and Micro influencers have is often much higher than Macro influencers but managing such a large network is equally complex given the KPIs of successful campaigns. To optimize the quality of communication over quantity requires immense resources. Ultimately, it is all about connecting the right social media personality to the right brand to produce quality advertising that resonates and engages the target audiences.

At EVOPS Marketing & PR we specialise in building Influencer Marketing campaigns that drive positive ROI for brands. Our services include Developing Social Media Strategy, Producing High Quality Content (Posts, Photos, Videos), Social Media Management, Building & Growing Communities, Creating & Executing Social Media Ad Campaigns, Sourcing Influencers, Promoting Brands through Influencer Marketing and Measuring Campaigns. 

We are just a call away. For Free Consultation reach us on +971506975146 or md@evopsmarketing.com

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